Our Services

We will provide an expert mediator, conciliator or arbitrator to hear your case. We provide advice and guidance on possible causes of disputes. We provide support as your advisor or representative in any forum, conciliation, mediation, adjudication or arbitration.

PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT John FFF O’Brien is available to sit as the agreed mediator or conciliator in a dispute and is highly qualified as an arbitrator on the CIF Arbitration Panel.

And, now that Public Works contracts must include a named ‘standing conciliator’, John is also available and willing to act as such to the benefit of both the contractor and the employer.  

If necessary, a full legal team can be set up to work on a complainant or respondent’s case at any alternative dispute resolution forum, whether mediation, conciliation, arbitration or adjudication, in respect of any construction dispute, whether the contract is large or small.

In representation mode, the contracts in question are not necessarily large: while we represent and advise some of the biggest construction firms in the world, we do the same for smaller domestic contractors and sub-contractors.

We also represent employers who feel they are not receiving what was contracted for. This could mean a householder, for example, worried about the quality of a one-off house. Or it could be a state entity or a giant corporation which suspects that their new office block or manufacturing facility has serious and expensive defects.

If legal representation is needed, we also provide legal support to our client’s existing lawyers or recommend in the appointment of specialist construction lawyers we have successfully worked with in the past. This can range from briefing the legal team and translating complex issues to identifying expert witness requirements and briefing experts. We can also prepare witnesses of fact, or draft and edit pleadings.

So we can either represent you throughout proceedings, or provide robust expert advice and support to your legal team if they are needed in a dispute.


John FFF O’Brien is available to be the Standing Conciliator in PWC contracts | John is fully qualified to act as Conciliator in disputes | CEDR-accredited Mediator | On CIF & CIArb panels of Conciliators | Holds Engineers Ireland assessment for conciliators under new GCCC contracts


John FFF O’Brien undertakes the role of Mediator in disputes | Accredited as a Mediator by the CEDR | He is available for parties to concur in his appointment


From 25 July 2016, Adjudication became a statutory step in the construction dispute resolution process in Ireland. John Farage O’Brien has been involved in a number of successful UK adjudications and we are well placed to offer our services in construction disputes at Adjudication in Ireland


John FFF O’Brien undertakes the role of Arbitrator in construction disputes | On CIF & CIArb panels of Arbitrators | John is available for parties to concur in his appointment

Dispute Avoidance

Reviewing contractual obligations | Monitoring key point indicators | Resolving potential disputes | Directing the preparation of relevant site record files

Dispute Management

Taking ownership of the process on behalf of the client | Briefing legal team and translating complex issues | Identifying expert witness requirements and briefing experts | Preparing witnesses of fact | Drafting and editing pleadings.

Claims Consultants

Forensic analysis of facts | Identifying contractual entitlements | Preparing claim documentation

Satellite Project Management

Provision of high level Project Management on live projects | Guidance to site teams on live projects | Assist in contemporaneous decisions on live projects

Contract Consultants

Advising clients on: Powers under contract | Duties under contract | Responsibilities under contract


Assist in negotiating contract terms.
Assist in resolving contentious issues.
Assist in negotiating accounts and claims