What Our Clients Think

A selection of testimonials from satisfied clients

Much of our work is confidential, even names of clients. But some are happy to applaud. Here’s one we particularly like.

“I have known John for many years. As a dispute resolution consultant, he is an expert. His experience and professional background in construction are undoubtedly an asset, as demonstrated through his impressive and successful record in dispute resolution settlement. I fully endorse John as a committed and valuable advisor.”

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Ferrovial Agroman Ireland

As a global company, we employ only the services of external consultants who fully understand our core business and in particular how our company operates.

We chose John as we found him to be very down-to-earth and capable of navigating us through some very complicated challenges facing our business over the many years we have been working together. He has worked with us now for almost a decade on various matters and has always been able to provide a tailor-made, customised service. 

Because of his experience and incredible in-depth knowledge of our industry, we have found that you can trust him to provide the best possible advice. We have built up a very good working relationship with his company allowing him to liaise with our in-house and external consultants and legal teams to provide a seamless solution to any matter.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established global organisation we feel that John will give you equal attention. If you are looking for someone to go the extra mile then contact John Farage O’Brien.

Kieran O’Brien | Commercial Manager

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Maples & Calder

John’s range of technical expertise and skill is very impressive particularly as it is allied to a very deep knowledge and understanding of the various relevant forms of dispute resolution. These are major assets, and make John an extremely valuable commodity in the context of any construction dispute.   

However, what sets John apart, and makes him someone with whom we are always delighted to work, is his relentless commitment to achieving the best possible result for his client and, of course, his track record of doing just that.

Dudley Solan Partner | Head of Litigation


Eversheds engaged the services of John O’Brien and Roy Sherlock as consultants for our client, to advise on a loss and expense claim on a road project. Our client was a subcontractor in a contractual final account dispute with its contractor, with delay claims and issues to defend against contractor LADs.

Our experience, and that of our client, was very positive as both John and Roy were very flexible and open-minded in their engagement with us and our client. We also found them to be most responsive and always hit agreed deadlines. The output was thoughtful and they looked around corners — all in all, we would recommend them again.

Dermot McEvoy | Partner, Head of ADR

Linacre Associates

I have worked on the other side from John in several conciliations and arbitrations — he proved a formidable opponent with a complete mastery of the facts and had compelling arguments to support his case.

More recently we have undertaken many arbitrations where — thankfully — he has been on the same side. John provided major contributions to the case to distil the issues and successfully made the arguments for delay and disruptions claims. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Peter A Johnson | Planning Director

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EDCM Consulting Engineers

As an expert technical witness, I have worked with John O’Brien on many conciliations and arbitrations and have always been impressed with John’s immediate grasp of detailed technical matters and how he creates an effective link between these and the fundamental core issues.

John is an extremely effective team leader and driver and his in-depth knowledge and ability to coordinate and engender ‘joined-up thinking’ stands head and shoulders above my experience of other cases where John has not been involved.

Stephen Beverley  | Managing Director

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Enda Nolan | Managing Director

Coastway Surveys

Coastway Surveys have worked with John Farage O’Brien on many projects over the last decade where precise surveying and monitoring is required. John’s knowledge of modern technology enables him to present clients with detailed drawings and models in presenting his expert opinion. We will continue to work with John as expert witnesses when our expert opinion is required.

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Glenn Nunan | Principal

GNCE Consulting Engineers

We provided expert technical witness services over many years, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team lead by John Farage O’Brien. A number of complex conciliations and arbitrations stand out. It is without doubt that John’s ability to understand and disseminate interrelated construction activities in a coordinated and focused manner was key in identifying the genesis of the issues, leading to a clear understanding of the events. John’s capacity to view the larger picture while never losing sign of the finer details has proven to be one of his trademarks which, combined with his charisma and determination, makes for a winning team.

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Siobhan Kenny | Solicitor

Frank Murphy Law

I have known John Farage O’Brien for a number of years and have had the pleasure of working with him and his team on a number of varied and interesting cases during that time.  John’s very extensive experience in the world of construction projects allows him to approach clients’ issues in a pragmatic, commercial and highly effective manner.  It is always a pleasure to deal with the firm.

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Des O’Broin | Partner

Bruce Shaw

John O’Brien was the case manager in an arbitration I was involved in recently as an expert witness. I was immediately struck by John’s exceptional grasp of the key issues and his ability to analyse, process and link data and information from the various and diverse sources to form a comprehensive overview. John demonstrated a huge and in-depth range of technical knowledge of all aspects of construction, construction and engineering technology, contracts and construction law. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John’s firm.

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Malachi Sweetman BL

Maples & Calder

In the words of Lyndon B Johnson, I would rather have John inside my tent pissing out, rather than outside my tent pissing in.

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David Richards | Principal


I have worked with John O’Brien for a number of years, having originally been on the opposite side of the table from him on two small roads cases. On three major cases where we have both been engaged together, our mutual clients have enjoyed success on two and await the outcome of the third. John brings vigour, intellect and clear thinking to his case management.

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Fraser Thom | Operations Director

Lagan Asphalt

John’s diligent research into the core issues of the dispute, combined with his strategic thinking, provided our organisation with expert advice that was invaluable – literally. His professional modus operandi and presentation skills are second to none.

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Ignacio Clopes | International Director

Ferrovial Agromán

I have known John O’Brien in a professional capacity for a number of years.  As a dispute resolution consultant he is an expert in his field. His experience and professional background in the construction industry are undoubtedly an asset, demonstrated through his impressive and successful record in dispute resolution settlement. I fully endorse John as a committed and valuable advisor

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Owen O’Gorman | Managing Director

Crown Roofing Ltd

John has always delivered above and beyond what was required in order to achieve the desired outcome for our company. We have built up an excellent working relationship with John and he is our first port of call for any issues relating to his area of expertise.