Alternative dispute resolution includes methods of resolving disputes that do not involve court action, which can be difficult and costly. Instead, processes such as arbitration, adjudication, conciliation, and mediation are used to resolve conflicts, where parties in dispute agree to use them, either before or after a dispute has arisen

What exactly is dispute resolution?


Dispute resolution can keep you out of the courtroom and keep costs down. It can lead to a better result, as the advisors involved will be specialists, intimately familiar with their field. It's flexible, costs less than litigation, and brings speedy resolution of disputes once parties engage meaningfully. It's private and it's confidential, while court cases are public and proceedings may be published

Taking the adversary factor out of disputes


THE specialists in construction disputes and contracts. The breadth of our knowledge and experience is truly comprehensive, which puts us in pole position to help our clients. We are experts in arbitration, conciliation, and mediation. Our principal, John FFF O’Brien, is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a practising CIF Arbitrator

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Why are construction-related disputes almost never straightforward?

That's the big question that comes up most among our clients, colleagues and advisors

Construction disputes are inherently very complex to resolve because they usually cross over several professional disciplines, to varying degrees and with varying weightings for each of these, depending on circumstances.

If there is a deficit in knowledge, appreciation, understanding and practical experience of any of these separate disciplines, this can quickly give rise to areas of doubt and uncertainty.

This can lead parties to seek external advice from consultants, lawyers and experts — in many cases solely to justify a party’s entrenched position.


Many parties to a dispute can find themselves deep into a dispute resolution process, looking for an entitlement that may not exist in reality.

But a party armed with the benefit of weighted, expert advice across all disciplines will increase enormously its chances of early resolution or of avoiding unnecessary proceedings.

John Farage O’Brien is one of the few consultancies which can provide this advice to a consistently high standard, with qualifications, expertise and experience in all relevant disciplines.